These are the best two platform you can get on today’s mobile device, Android, and iOS. But sometimes consumers of these mobile phone devices compare one against another, Android vs iOS: which operating system is the best.

First, let’s check what we are getting on Android. This operating system mainly created for smartphone or tablet, and now you can also experience this on a TV. From 2008 to 2017, the current android version is 8.0 Oreo which released in August 2017. Android is best known for its ability of customization, which allows you to feel your phone like your own. Like if you don’t like your home screen you change any way you want and same goes for your lock screen. Its split screen allows the user to do multitasking and switching between apps is very easy, so you can be placing live bets using Unibet sports betting bonus codes on one part of the screen while watching the game on another. Its notification center sends you directly to the place you want to go and it is pretty much manageable.

In Android, you don’t have to depend on your default apps like iOS. For downloading apps, Android has google play, here you download limitless apps, of course, that depends on your storage and that is upgradeable too, unlike iPhone don’t have to stuck in your permanent memory. Android releases a new update every now and then, which allow users to experience something new and better. Another great thing about android is, users can root their phone to meet the full potential of its hardware. If you like android there are lots of companies creating android devise.

Now let’s see, what are we getting from iOS. This operating system is only and mainly created for iPhone or iPad. From 2007 to 2017, now new iPhone users are using iOS11. iOS has always been and now the most stable and the most user-friendly operating system on a mobile device. iOS has control center which allows a user to control their phone and app easily. iOS has 3d touch which helps to use an app as fast as possible. When the best apps come, they always first release on iOS.

On iOS, you don’t have to worry about any kind of malware which makes them more secure. When Apple releases an update, that’s the best you can get. iOS has iCloud and iTunes which helps to back-up your phone very easily. iOS device like iPhone, the new version of them has arrived with some new great thing. Where you don’t have to worry about wires and you can unlock your phone with your face. iOS has battery optimization which is far more superior than any android. In iOS, app store offers you the most qualified and secured app. If you don’t like the confusion, iOS offers their iPhone which is still better than a lot of Android device.

When is the question Android vs iOS: Which operating system is the best? The answer is always, whether you like to customize or you want a hassle-free beautiful system, it is really up to you. You can never put a greater sign or equal sing directly between when it comes to, Android vs iOS: Which operating system is the best.