Android is one our favorite platform because it is highly customizable and we can get plenty of free apps. Every app has something different from each other and we use various apps for the different purpose. There are a lot of apps which you can use to push your device to its limit by rooting, but we are not counting them in. By rooting, you may lose the warranty on your phone, and that is a great downside. However, best free android apps have to be user-friendly, which does not take anything from the user. Let’s check the best free android apps below.

Let’s start with SNAPSEED, a superfast photo editing app with the rating of 4.5 stars in google play. Users love this app especially for photo manipulation and it’s so user-friendly. This app offers a very good range of filters, and you can tune your image with great detail. You can do pretty much everything to your picture with the app, and you don’t have to be a specialist.

For security purpose, there are lots of free apps, but we are picking CM Security for the best. The interphase of this app is pretty modern. It mainly comes with a simple user-friendly package of four different functions, these are phone boost, power saver, antivirus, and app lock. This antivirus is incredibly fast and known to be the fastest antivirus in the app market. In 4 main features, it offers lots different features, like safe browsing, caller id, and WIFI security and it does not consume very much ram. It does a very good job against malware too, so overall in a small package you are getting everything.

When it comes to a media player or video player MX Player is one of the best. This app supports great quantities of formats and multiple features, like kids lock, multi-core decoding, great zooming system, subtitles, better hardware-acceleration and much more.

DU Recorder is an impressive app for screen recording and also for video editing. On google play, this app has a 4.8 rating. With this, you can also take screenshots every easily plus you can edit your images too.

In the browser category google chrome has over 1 billion users, but for being the fastest and for add-ons, we are picking Firefox. It is second to chrome by user base, but by ability, this is the best overall. It has nice personalization features, inbuilt casting support and a large number of add-ons.

ES File Explorer is a one of finest file manager in google play with 4.6 stars average rating form 500M users. With this, you can efficiently transfer files safe and easy. This app also gives you remote file access, library and some other more features, which are very easy to use.

There are also a lot of other free apps in the app market, like for social media, video calling and for chatting. These are not including here because these apps are based on the user community. By efficiency, rating, and by ability these are some best free android apps on the app market.