iPhone 6s was released in September 2015 and it is a wonderful phone from its inside and out. The phone looks beautiful with its 4.7-inch Retina HD display. The phone weighs around 5.04 ounces or 143g with 138.3mm thickness and comes with 4 different colors gold, rose gold space gray and silver. The phone has A9 chip which is super-fast. The back 12megapixel camera has the ability to autofocus, photo stabilization, true tone flash, HDR, better IR filter and lot more. You can record 4k video at 30fps and 1080 at 30- 60fps. The camera is 5MP with retina flash and HDR. This is one of those phones, which came out the first time with a fingerprint sensor that allows you to unlock your phone with only your touch.

If you want to pick an iPhone 6s 32GB from apple store will cost you £21.56 per month for 24 months or can buy fully unlocked phone from £449 and for 128GB you have to spend £26.36 per months or £549 upfront with no sim connection. If you like you like plans with a connection, there are some companies are willing to offer the best iPhone 6s deals.

From EE you are getting 32GB iPhone 6s with unlimited minutes and unlimited texts along with 8GB data at upfront £50 and £32.99 per months for 2 years. EE also offering 128GB iPhone 6s gold with unlimited texts, minutes and 5GB data at £32.99 per month over 24 months.

The best iPhone 6s deals you are getting from O2 are a 32GB phone, unlimited minutes, texts and 3GB data for £26 for 24 months with £75 upfront, total costs £699.

Three is giving full unlimited deals with data, texts and minutes on the 128GB phone, which costs £51 per month for 2 years. But if you know you limit Three has some offers which might you like. 128GB handset 300 minutes, 500MB data and unlimited texts cost around £29 per month which comes £686 total at the end of the 24th month.

Vodafone offers 32GB phone, unlimited text, unlimited minutes and 1GB data at £28 per month for 2 years with upfront £75.

There are few other websites and stores are offering some good offers. Like NDBD is offering sim-free iPhone 6s with 13 months warranty £259 plus Vat. Another company/website Envirofone is offering some good deals, where 16GB phones cost around £250 with warranty and sim connection. There are some special days when you get the best iPhone 6s deals at a very cheap rate like Black Friday or before Christmas. For sim free iPhone you can always check new egg, eBay or Amazon.

Whether you are getting your phone with sim plan or without sim, the wise decision is getting the phone with a warranty and must check whether it is locked or unlocked. Ask the company for its factory unlock, most of the company unlocks the phone at 50% of its charge. The best deal sometimes depends on how do you want to spend or the plan you would like to follow.