Everyday smartphone users know what they can do to enhance their experience and optimize their daily tasks. Those new to smartphones, however, might have an issue with the amount of stuff that is available to them and might miss some of the crucial or fun things they can do.

Here is what you can do with your smartphone to make your day better.

Gambling for Fun

Serious gambling takes serious preparation and lots of knowledge and finance. Occasional gambling, however, does not need much, other than a smartphone. Today, with so many online casinos and applications for mobile phones, gambling has never been easier. Take, for example, the Spin Palace welcome bonus, which allows you to get a 100% of your first deposit, for free, up to 200 dollars. Playing slot machine games, table games or sports betting, even, is all available to you in a single click. If you are going to gamble, make sure that you do so responsibly.

Paying Bills

Many banks and online payment services, especially local ones, allow you to pay your bills with just a click of a button. Most of the time, you do not even have to click anything once you set up your payments and accounts. Think of it as a monthly subscription on Amazon or Netflix, but with actual bills. Online banking is a very popular thing, for a good reason.


Shopping can be done online, and is preferred by most people, due to the ease of use and access to huge amounts of goods. You can buy anything from property, cars, computers, clothes, to musical instruments and video games. Online shopping makes a lot of things easy, but managing your financials a bit more difficult, especially when you take into consideration binge shopping.


There are a plethora of free online courses and tutorials, some made by university teachers, other by professionals or very knowledgeable individuals. The number of topics is infinite and can learn anything from how to crochet to how to build a boat with your bare hands.


The rise of social media and networks allowed people to meet other people with just a few clicks. There are dating applications which match you to people with similar tastes and interests. Other than that, you can catch up with family from far away, or talk to your own family if you live across the country or on another continent.

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The age of the internet brought us a lot of videos and music. Think of YouTube and all the songs you can listen to for free. YouTube also has some movies, albeit older ones. Streaming services such as Netflix, have many movies and TV shows you can watch for an insignificant sum of money, compared to what it would cost to purchase all of it individually. You can do so from your mobile phone, while traveling, even, as many buses, trains and planes have their own WiFi.

These are but a few things a person can do on a mobile phone. Well, you can expand these into sub-categories and cover even more of the available choices, yet it still wouldn’t be enough to cover them all. Smartphones are great tools that enable everyone to do almost anything, from learning to recreational activities, to even finding their significant other.