If you are an owner of an iPhone and you don’t seem to find it anywhere, so the question might come how to find a stolen or lost iPhone. There are some tricks and ways to find your lost or stolen device. Hopefully, by trying these steps you might reach to your lost or stolen iPhone.

Started from iOS 9 iPhone has FindMyiPhone tool, but If your phone has iOS older than this, you may have to download it from the app store. This security system allows the owner to track his or her phone by iCloud account. First of all, you have to log in to your iCloud account from iCloud website by your Apple username and password. Once you logged into the website click on find iPhone option. Then a new screen will appear where you have to select all the devices and then select the device you have lost. There will be a map where you will see the last time your phone was detected with an exact location. You will also find three deferent options to find your iPhone. If location says the phone is nearby, you can click the play sound option which will allow your phone to play a sound. In this way, you can find your lost phone which is close enough. If your device is in a deferent location click on lost mode. It will show a number and details to contact you if anyone has found it. It also locks the device and the only thing that can be done is to contact you.

The third option will erase every data on your iPhone to prevent it from wrong hand. It will also disable the tracking option which you don’t want. So, to delete your critical information like your credit card number. From the iCloud website select iCloud settings button. There you will see lost iPhone or iPad option directly below my device menu. There click remove, which will clear all links that attached to your device. Find my iPhone is a great tool to locate your phone but once your device turned off, finding it can be difficult. iPhone also has a send last location feature which allows iPhone to send location signal to your iCloud account whenever it turns on. For this, go to settings, iCloud then find my iPhone and turn on SendLastLocation bar.

There are a great number of third-party apps in the app store which allows you to reunite with your phone. Like device locator, phone trace, gadget talk, I Hound, look out, prey and so on. Some are free and some might cost you but there is still hope. Remember there is always a last resort, for this check your iPhone box, iCloud or google account for IMEI number of the device. Take the IMEI number and talk to law enforcement officer. They might ask you some owner’s information and will help you to find your lost or stolen iPhone. This might take some time but don’t lose your hope.