Smartphones have become a very important part of our lives. We use them daily to communicate, exercise, listen to music or watch videos, make content, as well as do business. Some people use smartphones as a primary device for communication and even conducting their businesses.

Large companies are aware of that which is why a lot of development is being put in the smartphone market, from the hardware side and the software side.

Even from a pure advertisement standpoint, smartphones are a good target. For example, bookmakers often target smartphone users with promo codes like this Netbet Bonus de bun venit promo code.

Since smartphones are so important, the question that arises is whether we should be taking more care of them? There are circumstances where we cannot really save our phones, for example, from thieves.

That leaves us with a question, should we get smartphone insurance?

It Depends – What Does the Insurance Cover?

Not all insurance options are the same, as we might know from our history of buying commercially available products. Sometimes, the insurance only covers a part of a device, let’s say, a compressor in AC units. When an insurance covers only a part of a device and something else gets broken, you still have to pay up.

This is why one should always read what the insurance covers, and under which circumstances. If you accidentally drop your phone and it stops working, that will most likely not be covered by insurance, unless it is specialized. But, if your screen stops working, that will most likely be covered by insurance. Always be informed on what insurance covers.

It Depends – Are You A Business Owner?

If you are a business owner and you depend on your phone, then you should probably have it insured.

However, most business owners have at least two devices, just in case. They are often different devices but both of them serve a purpose for communication. The extra device can be specialized to be used abroad, or it could also be a backup. However, having backup options is never a bad thing, particularly when you are talking about business-related data and access to it. Smartphone insurance is a great way of securing your devices, which might be more worthwhile to a business owner rather than a consumer.

How Often Do You Change Phones?

For those who change phones annually, or rather, whenever the next flagship is released, they will most likely not need insurance. Smartphone insurance is a smarter option for those who tend to keep their phones for the next two or three years. Getting three-year insurance, then selling your phone, in mint condition, is a reasonable way of changing devices and keeping up with the times.

For the people who plan on changing their devices annually, smartphone insurance might be a waste of time unless their phone has frequent, abrupt meetings with the floor. Those who keep their phones for a longer period of time might benefit from insurance, depending on what the insurance covers.

Getting smartphone insurance might be worth it to some people like business owners and those with tendencies to drop their phones. In most other cases, it is not recommended. It really depends on the person, their financial situation and whether the importance of the smartphone.