Smartphones. Who would have thought, even 20 years ago, that we would have a device small enough to carry in our pocket and powerful enough to watch videos in qualities which didn’t even exist at the time? Well, very few people, honestly. Some imagined it decades ago, great minds of the 20th century. Others, they just shook their heads in disbelief at every scientific announcement, like they were sci-fi.

But, today we have smartphones which calculate, edit and audit our data, almost without a flaw. People use them to take photos, record videos, listen to music and browse the internet. Some conduct business on them, others use them for leisure. What can we expect from the smartphones of the future? Here is what you can expect from phones of the future.

Extremely Fast Connections

Just as 4G connection changed what we could stream on our phones, so will 5G change the things we can download and access from our phones. With faster connections, you will be able to download all the updates you need while at the same time browsing your favorite sportsbook, or searching for a new one with a promo code, like this bonus code. Fast connections enable streaming of larger files, including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Watching the game will mean something entirely when phones become ready for the next generation of broadcasting.

Portability – Smaller than a Phone

Holographic displays are still not something to expect in the near future, but a phone the size of a watch already exists. Yes, the smartwatches are an amazing addition to those on the go, who need the functionality of a smartphone on their wrist. It might not be top secret spy level of quality, but the functionality is there. In the future, as transistors become smaller and smaller, these devices will be more powerful.

More than a Feeling – More than a Touch

Touch commands are interesting, or they have been, at least, when the first touch-screen displays were created. But, touch-screen displays are not for everyone. Some people have big fingers and cannot, no matter the hours of practice, type a single sentence without making a typo. Given that the touch-screens have no real tactile feedback, unlike a keyboard, voice commands will be given more attention. AIs are getting better so voice pattern analysis should be better. Your searches and commands will actually be understood properly.

AI – The Future of Computing

Given that we do a lot of things manually, AIs will help us do those things, but without that much hassle. The newest smartphones already have video editing applications which basically edit videos for you. They are, of course, powered by an AI. This does, however, imply a subscription model.

Subscriptions – A Trend Which Intends to Stay

Subscriptions, not downloads. You can subscribe and watch or listen to something as many times as you would like but you cannot download it, or you could, but with some for of protection which requires an application by that same service provider in order to run that file. Sounds familiar? Well, with how everything is developing, we can only expect subscription-based businesses to stay.

The smartphones of the future will be different to that of today, once the technology is there. Who knows, maybe one day we will actually have holographic displays in our phones.